Quar! Infernal Machines - PS4

  • Quar! Infernal Machines - PS4

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Command cavalry to sweep the enemy's flanks. Send Baeliog armoured tractors forward to shatter hardened defences. Your rhyflers are armed with weapons ranging from the humble Bogen rifle to heavy-automatic shotguns. Rely on your stalwart officers to keep up your troop's morale and to call in deadly airstrikes. But above all, preserve the honour of your cause as you wage the Battle for Gate 18!


  • PlayStation VR compatible including Move Controller support.
  • Based on the award-winning Table Top Game system "This Quar's War" by zombiesmith.
  • More than 12 levels in which to fight for the Crusader cause!
  • 18 different friendly and enemy units! From infantry, cavalry, armoured tractors, snipers and heavy-automatic shotguns!
  • A living, breathing upgradeable base fully populated with Quar troops.
  • Walk around the entire battlefield with Quar troops to get the full VR experience.

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