757 Jetliner - PC

  • 757 Jetliner - PC

One of the worlds most popular narrow-bodied airliners now takes its place in Just Flights hugely popular F-Lite range - top quality aircraft that are extremely high in detail but less demanding to fly than todays most complex procedural simulations.

The twin-engined 757 has long been a favourite with US mainline carriers and European charter airlines, and now this modern classic takes its place alongside the 747 and 767 in Just Flights F-Lite hangar. Perfectly pitched between the default Flight Simulator aircraft and the incredible functionality of todays state-of-the-art procedural simulators, the F-Lite range provides exactly the right balance of detail and complexity demanded by numerous virtual airliner pilots.

757 Jetliner has been created by Just Flights in-house development team and features accurate and detailed models of both the 757-200 and the 757-300 with its longer fuselage. These aircraft are a significant step up from the default Flight Simulator X aircraft in terms of both modelling and cockpit systems, but can be flown without weeks of intensive study - if you Just want Flight, you just want F-Lite!


  • 757 Jetliner features the 757-200 and 757-300 in both Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engine models with high quality sound sets for both engine types.
  • The accurately detailed aircraft come in winglet and non-winglet models with 24 super-high-resolution liveries, interactive 3D virtual cockpits complete with custom Flight Management Computer, and accurate animations.


  • Employs the very latest graphics techniques for realistic aircraft lighting effects and stunning external textures
  • Impressive sound sets for both the Rolls-Royce RB211 and Pratt & Whitney engines
  • Custom flight dynamics, with fuel and weight calculations based on actual 757 references
  • Full complement of lighting effects from the wingtips and tail to the cockpit and passenger windows
  • Comprehensive manual including flight tutorial
  • High quality interactive 3D virtual cockpit provides functionality that is lacking on the default FSX aircraft

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