Airport Architect - PS4

  • Airport Architect - PS4

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A man, a plane and many passengers You are the Airport Architect. Your customers like to go as fast and as comfortable as possible to reach their travel destination. Build up counters, security checks, conveyer belts for the luggage and any number of other things that makes the life of your passengers and staff easier. But be careful! Make sure that passengers can travel fast, comfortable, easy and safe! Each lack in service will cause negative feedback which could lead to a huge loss of money. It is up to you to create the perfect airport with smoothly running workflows and make your passangers enjoy the stay on your airport start your carreer now and create the perfect airport.


  • Many different planes and vehicles.
  • Lovely designed and colourful graphics.
  • More than 20 different kinds of passengers.
  • Detailed animations.
  • Complex management system.
  • Singleplayer-campaign.
  • Free placement of all buildings.
  • Realistic workflow of an airport.

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