Everyday Heroes: Firefighting & Construction - PS4

  • Everyday Heroes: Firefighting & Construction - PS4

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We all need them, the Every Day Heros. It doesn't matter if they save lifes or take care for security on the roads. Be part of these amazing people in:

- Firefighters: The Simulation
- Professional Construction: The Simulation.


Welcome to the professional fire brigade. You and your team will experience the exciting work of the professional fire brigade, surviving realistic missions where you extinguish house fires, salvage and neutralize extremely toxic and hazardous substances, and accomplish many other fascinating tasks.


Immerse yourself in the sprawling and fascinating world of road construction! Experience life on the construction site like the pros, and use
heavy equipment and massive machinery. Enter an open world scenario to complete a large variety of assignments.


- Full versions from Firefighters - The Simulation + Professional Construction.
- Experience the thrilling work of a professional fire brigade.
- Loads of challenging tasks.
- Large open world scenario including a city, nuclear power plant, industrial park and countryside.
- Two Games on one Disc.

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