Fighting Falcon X F-16 (FS X Add-On) - PC

  • Fighting Falcon X F-16 (FS X Add-On) - PC

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The basic fighter for most NATO countries for several decades, this aircraft deserved a place in FSX. For the last year Aerosoft has been working on a high detail model of this aircraft and this summer will see the Fighting Falcon fly into the virtual world of FSX.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon was designed as an air superiority fighter for the NATO countries and was expected to be in service for 15 years. Three decades later it is still the mainstay for the majority of NATO forces and has been kept up to date with several mid life upgrades. From all fighters build after the Second World War the F-16 has been the most successful, not only in build numbers, but also in combat. Although it has seen extensive action in nearly any war theatre in the last 20 years it has yet to be beaten in combat.

In FSX the F-16 is a joy to fly, with the controllability of a light aircraft and capable of altitudes of 50.000 feet and speeds exceeding Mach1. It is extremely agile yet easy to control (it will fly where you point the nose) it allows you to explore the environment of FSX like never before.


  • Several models included
  • Extensive range of weapons
  • Excellent performance in FSX
  • Several missions included (intercept, strafing, bombing)
  • Exiting effects (flares, chaff, explosions)
  • High detail virtual cockpit (no 2d cockpit required)
  • Detailed navigation system
  • Accurate fly-by-wire flightmodel
  • Very extensive animations
  • Created with assistance from several air forces and many enthusiasts.

Verwachte levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen
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