Luv Me Buddies Wonderland - 3DS

  • Luv Me Buddies Wonderland - 3DS

Play and have fun with the Luv Me Buddies cute and cuddly characters and experience an exciting adventure along with your new friends. In a bright and colourful world, you will discover many mini-games and puzzles designed especially for children, which will entertain and amuse the whole family.

The Luv Me Buddies game contains a collection of fun and educational activities developed to motivate and reward children. Each time you interact with one of the loveable and cute little animals you increase your chances in the game, unlocking new minigames, for a new experience. Featuring an endearing Luv Me Buddies environment and catchy music, Luv Me Buddies is an immersive experience for children and adults!

  • A fun and charming party adventure game for children and families
  • A collection of easy to play mini-games that builds skills for all ages
  • Provides players with a wide range of challenging and educational activities
  • Discover a colourful world full of puzzles and mini-games designed for children
  • Features bright colours, catchy music and the cute and cuddly Luv Me Buddies characters
  • Intuitive gameplay with rewards to keep children motivated
  • Gameplay offers a progression structure that encourages healthy competition
  • Includes family favourites and classics including Breakout, Memory, Spot the Difference
  • Target Shoot and many more....

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