Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat (U-Draw Tablet vereist) - WII

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat (U-Draw Tablet vereist) - WII

Ka-pow! A New Hero Joins The Squad!
Squirrel Girl joins the Super Hero Squad in their fight against Doctor Doom. Armed with super strength, claws, a tail and an army of squirrels at her command, Squirrel Girl is ready to go nuts in her first video game adventure ever!

Zzzwap! Unique uDraw Gameplay!
Using the uDraw GameTablet, players create shapes drawn with the stylus that cause objects to fall into the comic book world

Wham! Six Comic Book Issues!
Players will fight through an original storyline organized into six in-game comic book issues. Battle to keep the pages turning and ultimately defeat Doctor Doom!

Bamf! Awesome Environments!
Comic Combat takes on a distinctive comic book feel with a cel-shaded art style and a range of varied environments around Super Hero City, including The Helicarrier, Baxter Building, The Vault and Sanctum Santorum

Splooosh! Upgrades and Replayability!
Progression and success in battle allows players to earn hero points and unlock new costumes, ink meter upgrades and more!

Boom! The First Marvel Game for uDraw!
The release of Marvel Super Hero Squad - Comic Combat coincides with the debut of uDraw GameTablet for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is also available for the hugely popular uDraw for Wii

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