Mugen Souls Z - PS3

  • Mugen Souls Z - PS3

Mugen Souls Z features a lush free-roaming battle map, unique turn-based combat, and massive amounts of customization to quench even the most hardcore RPG fans thirst. Top all of that off with billions of points of damage, player level caps of 9999, and gorgeous art and you, sir, have got yourself one seriously fun RPG. Our favorite Undisputed God of the Universe, Chou-Chou, returns with her crew for a brand-new story revolving around the zodiac. Taking place immediately after the first game, you take control of the goddess Sylma, who meets Chou-Chou before the end of the first games events. Sylma is out to stop an ancient threat to her world that has recently awakened. 9999 levels of maniacal mishaps and ethereal adventures await Sylma, her crew, and hordes of Shampurus.


  • A new set of worlds: Chou-Chou and his team are back in a new adventure with a new cast of wacky characters ready to live an adventure through 12 worlds.
  • Improved combat system: The gameplay is even faster and crazier, with new G-Castle battles, combined team capabilities, and special overwhelming galactic attacks.
  • The Damage Carnival: Do enough damage so that the festival of pain reaches the city. Activate your Carnival Damage to inflict more damage and earn more rewards after the battle.
  • Impressive customization possibilities : More classes, more accessories and facial features, to let you create your dream battle team.

Verwachte levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen
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