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You, the player, arent the chosen one from a prophecy: you are an adventurer, a traveler, an explorer. And most importantly, you are vulnerable. The game breaks many conventions to offer a new type of experience, with the intent to create a new RPG sub-genre.


- Survive in the wilds as you explore the land.
- Play solo or cooperatively, locally or online.
- Play smart or die: you play an adventurer, not a demigod.
- Constant auto-saving means theres no turning back.
- Dynamic defeat scenarios that reacts to your context.
- A unique experience at every playthrough.

Play Solo or in Coop:

- Outward can be played with 2 players in splitscreen or online.

Be prepared:

- The life of an adventurer isn't about becoming all powerful. It's about outsmarting your enemies and planning ahead to overcome your challenges.
- Lay traps, use special equipment, perform a magic ritual, bring your friends. Come up with a solution tailored to your problem instead of rushing headfirst into danger.

Combat isn't your only obstacle:

- While bandits and monsters are serious threats, you still need to eat, drink and sleep to survive. You need to set up your camp to get through the night and sometimes, the cold weather or an infectious disease might be the gravest danger you face.

To turning back:

- Outward is constantly auto-saving, meaning that you cant reload to a previous state when things dont turn out your way.
- You have to put yourself in the characters shoes and think about the situation rather than just try things and reload every now and then.

Dynamic defeat scenarios:

- Losing a fight against a group of bandits won't simply have you looking at a game over screen. Instead, you might wake up to find yourself held for ransom, or being dragged into the woods and left for dead after they looted your belongings.
- Failure is part of life and defeat is part of the journey for any adventurer.

Ritualistic spellcasting:

- Casting spells shouldnt be as simple as pressing a button. To cast spells in Outward, you have to know the steps to the ritual and perform them in order yourself.
- For instance, to throw a fireball, you must use a firestone to create a fire sigil, then create a spark while standing in the middle of the magic circle to create the fiery projectile.

A different story every time

- Every new playthrough offers something different. You can't be good at everything and help everyone. 
- By replaying the game, you can play a different character, join a different faction with its own storyline, gain access to different skills and items.
- As a bonus, you keep a little something from your previous completed story for your next game via the Legacy system.

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