Rabbids Pretpark (NL) - WII-U

  • Rabbids Pretpark (NL) - WII-U

Rabbids take over our beloved amusement park!

Rabbids decide to take over our beloved amusement park and they plan to make the most of their day out by invading all the attractions!

They dont intend to queue like everyone else or stay seated during the whole journey!

As Rabbids will always be Rabbids, youll see them misusing the rides, going bwaaah at a souvenir shop before stopping in an overpriced themed restaurant.

So whether its a sunny or rainy day, just grab your Wii U tablet and roll the dice to join them!


  • Discover how the Rabbids take over the attractions - Rabbids will have a lot on their plate: princess castle, the pirate boat, haunted house, tunnel of love, roller coaster there are over 20 + attractions waiting to be invaded!
  • Use the Wii U tablet in delirious ways - Whether you aim with it, use it to plan your next move, tilt it, shout at it, watch it, steer it, share it, touch it, draw on it, Rabbids Land is going to make you see your new console in a brand new light through its wacky interactions
  • There is always two sides to a story - The Wii U tablet shows its core value through the asymmetrical gameplay it offers. Letting you play coop and versus mode in the attractions. Not only the experience of the game will be lived differently from a player to another, but the replay value is considerably high.
  • Fun on & off screen - Some attractions will challenge you and your friends to shout at each other, make one and another dance and push you to interact not only with the controller, but also between your buddies.
  • Use the Wii U without TV - Someone else is camping in front the TV? No problem, with the Wii U tablet youll be able to play the full game on your own.

Verwachte levertijd: 3-5 werkdagen
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