Taxi! - PC

  • Taxi! - PC

Based in a living 3D city, Taxi puts you in the driving seat of your very own taxi cab firm. Starting with a rundown old taxi, youll need to earn money from fares so that you can hire staff, buy vehicles and purchase upgrades for them while keeping them all well maintained. If youre short staffed, you can also drive a spare taxi yourself and complete fares. Eventually youll then hire more drivers and vehicles to expand your business. There are three major cities to explore in the game with one in the UK, the US and another in Europe. Each city comes with its own unique cars and local driving conditions and laws. Youll experience both left and right-hand driving, having to obey traffic lights, speed limits and varying traffic conditions. The cities feature an airport, varying speed limits of 30, 60 and 70 mph, single and dual carriageways, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts and four-way road junctions controlled by give way signs. Other features include: bridges, street names, ambling pedestrians, road signs, uneven roads and a day and night cycle.


  • Purchase new cars.
  • Hire extra drivers.
  • Penalties awarded for badly maintained vehicles.
  • Upgradeable parts improving acceleration and fuel consumption.
  • All taxis can also be upgraded in terms of paint jobs and stickers.
  • Repairs will also become necessary regularly to tyres and the engine.

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